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Conflict Resolutions

Conflict is a state of disagreement that occurs within or between people.

While we usually think of conflict as a bad thing, the presence of conflict can be helpful.

Conflict is usually a signal that something needs to change. If people use a constructive approach to resolving conflict they can create positive change, grow as individuals, and strengthen relationships. There are several types of conflict. Conflict that occurs within a person is called intrapersonal conflict.

This happens when a person’s feelings, beliefs and ideas conflict with each other. Conflict between two or more people is called interpersonal conflict. Conflict occurs in systems too. If you watch the news, you know that there is conflict between groups, organizations and nations.

As humans, we are responsible for choices and decisions that lead to actions, and the result of those actions. Unfortunately, people are not born with the knowledge to solve conflicts. Because of this, we may develop mistaken habits that become unhelpful patterns for conflict resolution.

By analyzing the elements of a conflict and using the most effective tools we will be able to achieve a positive resolution.



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