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Social Skills & Yoga


“... my child knows how to behave but she CHOOSES to misbehave...”

“...he knows what he is supposed to do, so why isn’t he doing it?”

“... I told her to stop doing that! But she keeps doing it!!”


  • Has your child difficulty to control his/her impulse?
  • Has your child trouble interacting with peers and authority figures?
  • Is your child dealing with anger?
  • Has your child recognized his own’s and other person’s feeling?
  • Does she/he know how to resolve a conflict in a peaceful manner?
  • Difficulty making or keeping friends?
  • Trouble acting correctly in social situations (school, store, parties, meals)?
  • Difficulty initiating, maintaining, or ending a conversation?


Changing a habit is not easy; it takes time, patience, and the right tools.

This group is designed to teach self-monitoring techniques to allow a child to get along with their peers and with other people in an effective manner.

The Social Skills Training Program is effective in increasing self-esteem and social activity levels. 



 What exactly is social skill training?

Social skills training" is a general term for instruction conducted in behavioral areas that promotes more productive, and positive interaction with others.

Role-plays and group interaction will give the children opportunities to practice these skills during the group session.


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This Social Skill Program is supported by a Yoga Instructor. Combining games, music and conscious moves, children will enjoy all of the benefits Yoga has to offer. Varying from poses, breathing techniques and guided visualizations this support to the social skill group is designed to suit every child's needs. Utilizing cooperative activities, metaphors and challenging postures, children will learn to focus and increase their self-esteem by recognizing their own capacity and strength.


Benefits of Yoga for Kids:

  •  Develops physical awareness, coordination skills
  •  Enriches cognitive development and skills
  •  Enhances emotional intelligence and expression
  •  Develop focus, self control and self confidence
  •   Reinforces positive social skills and interactions
  •  Soothes emotional and physiological stress and frustration
  •  Supports healthy growth and eliminates toxins
  •  Encourages healthy relationships
  •  Enhances calm, creativity, communication and cooperation


AGE: School aged children between 4 and 17 years. Groups are based upon age.

FREQUENCY: Weekly sessions.

FEE: Fees are affordable. Please contact the office for the current fees and for more information.


social skills, yoga, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, weston, florida


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