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Couples Psychotherapy

couple psychotherapy,marriage  psychotherapist, weston, florida

Open Mind provides help to partners that are trying to resolve problems in their relationship.

Our counselors are third parties that can listen to both points of views without making any judgments.

They are trained on understanding couples relationships and the way their interactions contribute to increasing problems in the relationship. Typically, the difficulties that arise are about the couple's roles, patterns, rules, money, intimacy, goals, and beliefs.

If you are having a communication problem, or when either party feels the need to seek counseling, or you are trying to rebuild trust after an affair, it is never too late to seek for help, and you will benefit from our services.



Marriage is an important and responsible decision to take. Therefore pre marital preparation is a smart decision to be taken.

This preparation consists in reinforcing and increasing conflict resolution, and communication skills, identifying couple’s strength, and manages couple’s stressors in order to develop a more balanced relationship.

It is also quite relevant to discuss financial planning, personal, couple and family goals, understanding each other's values and personality differences. In order to achieve a better understanding of personalities it is necessary to take into consideration family and culture of origin.


couple psychotherapy,marriage  psychotherapist, weston, florida


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