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Halloween Treat

Halloween treats


By Valeria Vilar, MA, BEd, LMHC

Halloween is a very popular celebration among adults. It’s popularity goes beyond helping their children choose costumes, or go trick or treating with them.

It is the one night of the year, where it is socially accepted for adults to express their fantasies, characterizing them through costumes, without feeling judged or embarrassed.

Although this celebration is linked to ghosts, zombies, vampires and monsters, This night also offers an opportunity for couples to have a sexy celebration.

Generally, fantasies are related with the forgiven, and so, with a feeling of embarrassment, for wanting your couple to be an accomplice in the realization of your personal desires.

Turn this party into an opportunity to plan together a night where it will be allowed to express each one’s fantasies, to play, to have fun, and to light up the passion flame.

Bring some erotism into your relationship. Erotism is the passionate love, the sensual desire that comes to us through those organs in charge of our five senses (hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell). It is everything that is related to sexuality, to the fact of being a man or a woman, and not only to the sexual act.

Erotism may be diminished by psycho-social factors like routine, communication problems, and stress. Rescuing it is not only a positive attitude toward your loved one, but also toward yourself.

Erotism is an important pillar that prevents the couple to turn their relationship into some sort of brotherhood or just friendship.

Doing the same things all the time wears out even the strongest structures, and the first step to change this is to create an awareness of the fact that we need to be prepared to maintain alive the desire and the love flame.

This Halloween night, give yourself a chance to enjoy your partner, aside of the celebration with kids, family and friends.

Allow yourselves to talk about your desires and emotions. Learn new ways to touch and explore your partner’s body as if it was the first time.

If we dress up to go to work, we can also dress up to love each other and to light up the flame of desire.

This year revive the desire with your partner, and celebrate like never before.

Trick or treat?

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